Our vision and mission


To create a world where investment works for communities, so that people can live the lives they choose.


To connect decisionmakers with information they can act on to grow their social impact.


Impactful to the core

We focus on what creates the biggest difference to our ultimate customers – families and communities.

Gritty honesty

We act in an honest, open and objective manner. We are up front when we don’t have a good answer and will try our best to find one.

People not labels

We honour the trust our customers place in us when they share their stories and data. We respect the people who are the protagonists of these stories.

Care to dare

We care enough to ask the hard questions, and we are willing to fail in order to learn.

Constantly curious

We love and live the questions without assuming the answers, and value the expertise of everyone we meet.

Team investment for social investment

We support and empower each other, because it takes a community to create a movement.