Who we’ve worked with

Mike Munnelly | Chief Executive


“I am blown away…Being at birth of this programme, and now seeing what we wanted it to achieve reflected back to us is quite moving. In developing LEAP we went to the heart of what we’re about, which is social work. I’m in awe at the way ImpactLab presented it – we struggle sometimes to explain what we do and the difference we make and we’re now going to be able use the words they’ve given us to do this!”

Rachel Karalus | Chief Executive

K’aute Pasifika Trust

“K’aute Pasifika is a Pan Pasifika Charitable Trust that delivers supports for families which span the different well-being domains. Underpinning all that we do are our Pasifika models of care, our Pasifika values and the special character identity of the organisation. As a for-purpose entity offering a holistic, fanau-centred approach, our work with ImpactLab helped us to understand the value of our model and our contribution to the community we seek to serve. Storytelling has a place of central significance to Pasifika and the ImpactLab work is another tool we use to tell our story better.”

Kari Adams | Foundation Director

Hoku Foundation

“Hoku Foundation supports charities to better understand what drives their impact, and how to amplify it. GoodMeasure draws on global evidence and social data to help provide that feedback. In partnership with ImpactLab, we’re proud to support charities to gain this strategic clarity and demonstrate the social value their programmes create.”

Minne Baragwanath | Founder

Be. Lab

“The work we did with ImpactLab was one of the most powerful pieces of research we have been able to do in our 11 years of accessibility social change! For the first time, we could prove the dollar value created by our employment programme and show the true impact of employing access citizens in Aotearoa.”

Sarah Walmsley | Co-Founder

Prima Volta Charitable Trust

“GoodMeasure, and the journey behind it, has demonstrated the importance of capturing information to help us quantify our impact, informing our future measurement strategy, along with a greater focus on the reach and SROI of different programmes. Our organisation has increased funding significantly through a combination of metrics and some qualitative stories, which helped bring the meaning of our impact to life. Thanks to ImpactLab, are now thinking critically about where, and how to invest.”

Natalie Vincent | Chief Executive

Ngā Tāngata Microfinance

“GoodMeasure has helped us understand the social well-being areas we are impacting the most and helped us to analyse our data well. We now understand ourselves better as an organisation and have grown confidence in our work by knowing we are making a measurable difference. The team at ImpactLab are great, they are people with genuine skills and lots of patience. To support the work you do, they deliver a result that is easy to understand and easy to communicate.”

Maxine Gay | General Manager

Pillars Ka Pou Whakahou

“ImpactLab’s independent reporting helped to inform our strategic priorities. Rather than planning blind, our results determined where our value lay, and where we needed to expand. GoodMeasure has cemented in the minds of funders that Pillars Ka Pou Whakahou is serious about reflection, making change, and continuous improvement. Specifically, our results influenced the decision to restructure our model. We were able to prioritise resources to the frontline and relocate our head office to Auckland. In a short space of time, this increased our productivity and profitability.”

Tim Haynes | Co-Founder


“GoodMeasure allows us to talk about the impact we have with confidence, and support that with data.”

Alex Tarrant | General Manager

The Rising Foundation Trust

“Our team were so impressed by the way ImpactLab presented our programme back to us. It was clear they understood our work on a deep level (not just the process, but the heart and motivation behind it). ImpactLab showed respect for our work and saw the value of it. Finally, they inspired us because they confirmed what we always suspected… We have an effective and unique programme, as well as potential to improve. The GoodMeasure report gave us new language to communicate with our funders and made our next steps very clear.”

Jenilee Pearce | Community Partnerships Manager

Te Whakaroa Tangata

“Because of ImpactLab’s evaluations, we have been able to determine the effectiveness of our work and have reassurance that we are making a big difference in the lives of our clients. We have used our GoodMeasure results when applying for funding, and several of our funders have granted us funding based (at least partly) on the strength of our Social Return on Investment ratio. Having this independent analysis has built more trust and credibility with new funders and has made it easier for us to prove our programmes are effective in the early stages of developing these new relationships. The team at ImpactLab do their absolute best to understand the details and nuances of each intervention, to measure and analyse their effectiveness. They care deeply about the work we do with vulnerable families, which means we’ve been able to build a great relationship with them.”

Vicki Burns| Manager

St John of God Hauora Trust

“It feels like ImpactLab has understood the work we do. We felt like we were trying to pin down the wind – but now we see our work in a way that funders will respect. All of ImpactLab’s questions have been pertinent and thought provoking. The GoodMeasure journey was amazingly rich, there’s so much ImpactLab has unearthed and encapsulated in realistic bite sized pieces, that make change possible to achieve. It’s really enlightening and has given me so much confidence – it makes the magnitude of what we are trying to do seem feasible. I can’t wait to sit with my team and look at where we are headed next.”