GoodMeasure – a tool for understanding the impact created by frontline organisations.

A simple data-driven, comparable way to measure positive social change.

GoodMeasure calculates a tangible social return on investment (SROI) by analysing an organisation’s information against a library of impact values, research, and effectiveness data.

Our team takes organisations on a learning journey. We support them to grow their impact by understanding effective practice, and the leverage points to improve social value.

How our tools help impact organisations

Frontline organisations are seeking to address the needs of the people they work with. To achieve that, GoodMeasure helps to tell impact stories with powerful metrics, and enables:

  • A deeper understanding of impact, ways to leverage it and communicate it.
  • The ability to demonstrate accountability to funders and stakeholders.
  • Greater access to sustainable funding streams, so organisations can focus on changing lives rather than raising funds.
  • Identification of opportunities to improve data collection to better validate impact.

Through GoodMeasure, we work with impact organisations to understand and measure a programme or population’s journey within their organisation to understand at a granular level where impact lies, and potential levers to grow this impact.

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