GoodMeasure – a tool for understanding the impact generated through investment.

A simple data-driven, comparable way to measure positive social change.

GoodMeasure calculates a tangible social return on investment (SROI) by analysing an organisation’s information against a library of impact values, research, and effectiveness data.

Our team takes organisations on a learning journey and equips decisionmakers with data and insights to create meaningful and sustained positive change in communities. For funders, this means we can create a portfolio view of investments to improve confidence in funding decisions.

How our tools help funders

Investors in social good want to build capacity and capability for the communities and causes they care about. GoodMeasure enables:

  • Social and financial responsibility
  • A deeper understanding of social return that philanthropic investments achieve (at an individual or portfolio level).
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Impact stories that are verifiable with data and metrics.
  • Informed decision making.
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Connecting decisionmakers with information to enable investment to work for communities.

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